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A Healthy Environment

As a strong advocate for the environment, Councilwoman Ackley has been a champion for bringing new and innovative programs to the City of Aliso Viejo including incentivizing the use of solar panels, creating the July 4th Bike Parde, and exploring the use of renewable energy to reduce electric costs for residents. 

Infrastructure & Parks

As the mother of two young children, Councilwoman Ackley has been active in re-starting an Ad-Hoc committee with the Aliso Viejo Community Association to support park services.  This partnership has identified $2 million in grants to help keep our trees healthy and beautiful. And, the City Council has been able to repave all major streets and neighborhood roads.

Housing for All

The City Council has been active in ensuring that residents of Aliso Viejo have an affordable place to live and raise a family. In the past few years, they have increased the city’s affordable housing by purchasing a residential property in the city to be used for low-income housing including a condo dedicated to supporting a low-income family. 

Transparent City Hall

Councilwoman Ackley has been a champion for transparency and ethics at City Hall. During her term, she championed an effort to ensure that conflict of interest disclosures are available to the public online. She also led the charge to bring a City Council term limits ballot item to the voters in the upcoming 2022 election.  

Economic Recovery

Serving as Mayor during a global pandemic was one of the most intense challenges. However, along with her Council colleagues, Tiffany was able to secure one of the first COVID-19 super-testing sites in Orange County. Now, she is leading the charge to protect local businesses and residents' recovery through fee deferments and additional support. 

Have ideas for the future of Aliso Viejo? 

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